Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty Crafty

Last Saturday, I attended Alessa's Craft Soiree right before going to the INK meeting. I was half-hoping to run into someone I knew there, but didn't really expect to actually find one. So imagine my delight when I saw two: Fran & Jamie!

Now, on to the crafting business...

 Some shots from our table (I wasn't able to take shots of everyone because I was too busy gawking)

The bulletin board was filled with hand-crafted goodness

 Alessa giving out her stickers, and this girl (Dan from group 3) gave out shirts!

My own contribution:

my business card (back side)
And finally, my loot:

1 Crocheted bracelet by Jenni  2 Wire accessory by Maan  3 Accessories by Roma  4 Tote bag & stickers by Alessa  5 Polymer clay trinkets by April      6 Coasters by Ella  7 Postcards & stickers by Mansy   8 Calligraphy card by Fozzy   9 Plush doll by Imana

Some of the goodies came in thoughtful little packages:

I couldn't bear to throw these away because a) So much time/ effort/ love went into making these, and b) Recycling is always good, so I'll be using them for a collage project soon. :D

Friday, August 10, 2012

Glorious Sun

Yesterday, after days of rains and flood, the sun finally appeared. I couldn't have been more grateful.